Reduced Harm For Nicotine

There is an obvious and profound need to find an alternative method by which to satisfy the demand of the more than 1 billion cigarette smokers around the world: simply said, 6 to 8 million of them will die every year because of the illnesses associated with combustible cigarettes. And for every person who perishes, another 30 are typically stricken with serious, cigarette-caused disease.

Historically, nicotine delivery via the human gastro intestinal system has been challenging because of the gastric distress often experienced. Lexaria’s DehydraTECH is being investigated as a possible alternative delivery method for nicotine that eliminates all forms of combustion-caused or inhalation-caused disease states associated with cigarette smoking or vaping.

Nicotine is addictive. When absorbed, it provokes dopamine release and a pleasurable sensation in humans. Most experts agree that nicotine itself does not cause cancer, although some research suggests it may interfere with the body’s natural cancer fighting mechanisms. Lexaria Nicotine Corp. believes that society would experience a massive net benefit and reduced disease and death if all cigarette smokers instead received sufficient nicotine to meet their cravings via an ingestible format that avoids lung cancer and inhalation-related disease.