About Lexaria


Lexaria Nicotine LLC. is a Lexaria company formed in 2018 to focus on commercial opportunities within the nicotine industry and empowered with an exclusive global license to utilize DehydraTECH worldwide for the delivery of nicotine and its analogs.

The Lexaria brand has emerged as a global leader in enhancing the flavor, bouquet and gastro-intestinal delivery of orally-administered products. The Lexaria family of companies has also demonstrated early-stage effectiveness in improvements of delivery through human skin for the potential development of topically-administered products, including patches, creams and lotions.

Two sets of animal studies conducted in 2018 proved DehydraTECH’s effectiveness at delivering nicotine via oral delivery. In one study, the Lexaria-enhanced nicotine was 1,150% faster in reaching peak nicotine levels in the bloodstream than was the control (within 15 minutes vs. 2.9 hours). In another study, the Lexaria-enhanced nicotine formulation was delivered with a 94% increase in the total amount of nicotine delivered or “Area Under the Curve” compared to the non-DehydraTECH control formulation.”Lexaria’s nicotine formulation was detected in the blood in as little at 2 minutes, delivered 195% more nicotine across the blood-brain-barrier and reached peak brain levels 4x faster than the control.

These ground-breaking studies open doors previously closed to the nicotine industry; the possibility of potent and fast acting ingestible products that avoid the lung diseases and cancers caused by inhalation of combusted molecules common in smoking. And, because of the demonstrated efficiencies in delivery, DehydraTECH also opens the possibility of utilizing micro doses in accordance with evolving FDA policies related to reducing delivered quantities of nicotine.

Lexaria produces industry-leading research to support its novel delivery methods. Lexaria’s business model depends on industry partners who out-license its technology for additional R&D and consumer product development.

None of this can happen without the talented and dedicated people who have supported Lexaria’s development and growth. Lexaria’s internal and consulting team includes industry leaders, research scientists, clinicians, analytical chemists, medical schools and universities, intellectual property experts, and partnering company collaborators.

Advisors & Consultants

Lexaria Nicotine LLC. is fortunate to be the recipient of widely varying experience and knowledge from advisors who consult with the company from time to time. These experts contribute knowledge and experience on an as-needed basis in these roles that are less formal than managers or directors. We are grateful for the contributions from Lexaria’s formal Advisory Board.